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How to choose a summer suit
2021-05-08 15:09:11Admin

How to choose a summer suit

In hot summer, how to choose a suitable suit, so that we can maintain elegance at the same time, but also give consideration to the comfortable body feeling.

If you want to figure out what kind of suit to wear in the summer, you have to know what suits are suitable for in the summer.

Simply put, it's dry, breathable, light, or a little bit of color, so it's all about choosing the right fabric.

Our first choice of fabrics in summer is seersucker and linen

Seersucker is a kind of cotton fabric with special appearance and style. It is made of thin muslin.The cool and breathable nature of seersucker makes it one of the best fabric choices for summer.

Flax fabric because of good hygroscopic, moisture guide fast, relatively fine diameter, is one of the main fiber raw materials of spring and summer clothes.

So in the summer when choosing fabrics, you can choose seersucker or linen fabrics, after the upper body will be more comfortable.

If you want the fabric to be more light and thin, and maintain a certain profile can consider half lining.Collocation a few thin shoulder pads, wearing deft and comfortable and the upper body is relatively crisp.

Avoid dark colors as far as possible in summer.Own heat does not say, in the hot summer, others see you, also can feel hot!Therefore, you can try a light color suit in summer, like a light gray!Shallow khaki wait is good choice, look can relaxed a lot of, color also can apply to major occasion.

The selection of shirts should also pay attention to the choice of thinner material, better air permeability and water absorption material, if the company does not have particularly strict requirements can also be matched with a T-shirt in the upper body.

In fact, the suit is also suitable for summer, but the need to choose the right fabric and technology!!