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How important is the interlining of a suit
2021-04-29 15:20:00Admin

How important is the interlining of a suit

If the fabric is the "soul" of the suit, the interlining is the "skeleton" of the suit.As an important structure to support the silhouette of the suit, the craft of the interlining plays a great role in the suit.So one of the easiest and most straightforward ways to tell if a blazer is well-made is by looking at the interlining.

interlining, is a layer of textiles between the fabric and the interlining, used to hold up the whole suit material, commonly known as "interlining, interlining".Under the premise of not affecting the feel and style of the fabric, with the help of the rigidity and elasticity of the interlining, the suit is straight and wrinkle-resistant. For the clothes after using the interlining, there is also a layer of protection and fixation, which makes the clothes more durable.

The combination types of lining and suit mainly include suture and adhesion: the suture interlining is mainly hemp interlining, which is not completely fit with the fabric and interlining. The hemp interlining is divided into hemp interlining and semi-hemp interlining.And the adhesive interlining is usually by a kind of high temperature after the chemical reaction of hot melt produced by the viscous interlining.

Suture interlining

Hemp interlining

Suture interlining is the interlining and the edge of the interlining together, so the interlining is actually movable.This means that flax-lined suits are easy to follow the dynamic changes of the wearer, as if to imitate the habits of shoulder and chest activities to fit the wearer, so it can be said that it is a more flexible interlining.

At the same time, there is no adequate contact between the material layer, indicating that the respective pressure is not much, so even if wearing a long time, the suit will not easily out of shape, high wearability

Half the flax interlining

Semi-hemp interlining suits still have adhesive interlining.So from the chest slide down to touch, in the process if you feel that there is a thickness of the place is not the same, generally half hemp interlining.This type of liner will only use stitching in the parts that need the most structural support, that is, the chest and the barge. Outside the chest liner, it will use glue interlining to save costs.


Adhesive interlining

Fused interlining is a rare product in today's sewing industry.Because of its simple process, high production efficiency and low cost, it is more used in large-scale assembly line production.

As a raw material chemical, adhesive linings are structurally smaller and tighter than fabric interlinings, which results in their light weight and lack the ductility of hemp interlinings because they are directly attached to the inside of the front sheet.Moreover, the adhesive interlining isolates the air circulation needed for the breathing of the suit, and the air permeability is poor, which is easy to accumulate heat when wearing.