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What are the durable and environment-friendly clothing fabrics
2021-05-21 14:20:57Admin

What are the durable and environment-friendly clothing fabrics

What are the durable and environment-friendly clothing fabrics

There is almost no escape from natural fibers (cotton, wool, rayon) and synthetic fibers (polyester, nylon, viscose, cupramine)

The environmental protection of natural fiber: it is the environmental protection of the renewable and degradable properties of the material itself.

Natural fiber itself comes from animals and plants in nature, so compared with the fiber synthesized from fossil raw materials, it is more low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and easy to be decomposed by bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms in nature, and become cellulose and protein components, which will not cause too much impact on the environment.


Environmental protection of synthetic fiber: it is the discharge of three wastes in each production environment, the recycling performance after use, the degradable performance and so on.


At present, the recyclable concept of synthetic fiber is very popular in European and American countries. We are also committed to research and development and launch our own recyclable fiber products. The recycling of waste fiber and plastic bottles reduces the waste in nature and reduces the production of new raw materials, which is also a concept of environmental protection.