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Sponsored the shooting of CCTV TV series
2011-05-18 08:55:00Admin

        "Zheng's seventeen rooms" tells the business history of Zheng's family in seventeen rooms of Zhenhai, Ningbo. The family has typical characteristics of the business Gang, has strong cohesion to the inside, and has good competitiveness to the outside, thus forming the prototype of Ningbo Gang. In the past 700 years, the Zheng family of 17 Fang has created a batch of "Chinese time-honored brands" and "China first", making important contributions to China's national industry and commerce. There are many business talents and countless wealth created. Following the beat of the times, those ancient customs are getting far away from us. The beauty of that month became a legend at this moment. Seventeen room not only adds a lot to the history of Ningbo commercial Gang, but also writes a chapter for the Chinese architectural culture. It also leaves a deep impression on everyone who has been here. It is memorable and unforgettable.

        The company sponsored the shooting of CCTV TV series "Zheng's 17 rooms", provided them with special vehicles for shooting, customized 300 pieces of group clothes, suits and other matters for shooting, and provided assistance for the smooth shooting.

        Whisk away the dust of history, the bright pearl of Zheng's 17th room will give out dazzling light. As a precious cultural heritage, Zheng's 17th room belongs to the history, the present and the future. Protecting culture and inheriting culture are the historical responsibility of every modern people. Through the shooting of CCTV TV series "Zheng's seventeen rooms", the rich humanistic spirit, classic architectural culture, advanced female culture and colorful folk culture of Ningbo Gang clan will be presented from various perspectives.