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Woven interlining polyester viscose comfortable and moderate hand feel

Article No. B50J32101

Spec: TR3210 3+1 PA glue

Width: 122CM

Weight: 92-95G/M2

Content: 75%P 25%V

Color: Grey

Feature:  The hand feel is more comfortable and softer than full polyester, the touch feels good, and there is no irritation in contact with the skin. 

Product Description
  • Introduction

    1.Concept: Garment lining refers to the cloth inside a certain part of the clothes, which can tighten the shape and support, so that the clothes can achieve a flat effect.

    2.Basic function:
    ⑴ Make the overall shape of the clothing stiff, with clear and straight hem, which can meet the ideal design requirements.
    ⑵ Maintain a good structure and stable size of clothing.
    ⑶Improve the processing performance of clothing fabrics and its anti-wrinkle performance and strength.
    ⑷Improve the warmth of clothing and make the clothing strong and durable.

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